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RegioStars Award 2020: GREENCYCLE candidature

Greencycle Final Event in Maribor,

Gherkin water instead of de-icing salt

A new Circular Economy Action Plan

Elements of a Smartphone

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  • Mobile devices contain conflict elements like gold, toxic ones like arsenic and rare elements like indium. Natural sources of six of the elements found in mobile phones are set to run out within the next 100 years.

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  • 24/09/2019

Products and Raw Materials Value Surveys

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  • What is the value of a secondary product? How much are you willing to pay for a secondary raw material made available by somebody else in your territory? Economical vs Social Value?

  • 30/08/2019

Mapping Materials and Rare Materials: The periodic table of elements

Greencycle Manifesto: pushing toward Circular Economy

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  • The goal of circular economy is to protect our planet Earth from waste, exploitation of raw materials and climate change to ensure its habitability for present and future generations of humankind. Decoupling economic growth from resource use is one of the most critical and complex challenges today.

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  • 30/01/2019

The Waste Hierarchy

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  • Waste hierarchy is a tool used in the evaluation of processes that protect the environment alongside resource and energy consumption to most favourable to least favourable actions.[1] The hierarchy establishes preferred program priorities based on sustainability.[1] To be sustainable, waste management cannot be solved only with technical end-of-pipe solutions and an integrated approach is necessary

    The waste management hierarchy indicates an order of preference for action to reduce and manage waste, and is usually presented diagrammatically in the form of a pyramid. The hierarchy captures the progression of a material or product through successive stages of waste management, and represents the latter part of the life-cycle for each product.

    All the items published in the GREENCYCLE Marketplace platform are mapped to one of the Waste Hierarchy level, so you can filtering the map and search the compelling service/offer aligned to the desired level

  • 23/01/2019
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