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EU Critical Rare Materials List (27 materials)

EU recently updated the list of Critical Rare Materials (CRMs), that are now 27.

The new list of CRMs includes 9 more new materials than the 2014 list: baryte, bismuth, hafnium, helium, natural rubber, phosphorus, scandium, tantalum, vanadium.

This brings the number up to 27 raw materials which are now considered critical by the Commission. 

There are 3 grouped metals, which contain various atomic elements:

  • HREEs (heavy rare earth elements)
  • LREEs (light rare earth elements)
  • PGMs (platinum group metals)

All raw materials, even when not classed as critical, are important for the EU economy.

The principal source of CRMs in the city is the WEEE recycling. This is why the WEEE  recycling becomes crucial for the recovery of these precious and rare materials

   * LREEs (Light Rare Earth Elements)
   **HREEs (Heavy Rare Earth Elements)
   ***PGMs (Platinium Group Materials)

The OpenOffice spreadsheet below allows you to download the list of 27 rare raw materials (plus gold and silver), and the map on their presence in the WEEE. More details about material profiles is available here

Published: Wednesday 17 July 2019 - Last modify: Friday 03 January 2020
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