Greencycle Final Event in Maribor,

The final conference of the INTERREG Alpine Space Project GREENCYCLE will take place on the 5th of March 2020 in Maribor/Slovenia in Hotel City Maribor (Ulica kneza Koclja 22, 2000 Maribor).

The conference addresses the principle of the circular economy as a forward-looking concept of doing business in the Alpine region. Circular economy strategies of the European municipalities and cities involved in the project and other helpful tools for a paradigm shift to the circular economy will be presented and the future of circular economy discussed. Innovative companies that are already successfully implementing the principle will present their ideas. Various Interreg projects addressing this topic will participate as well as projects from other programmes. Representatives of municipalities, institutions, entrepreneurs, companies, students, and Interreg project participants interested in the topic are invited.

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Published: Tuesday 11 February 2020 - Last modify: Thursday 13 February 2020
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