Greencycle Manifesto: pushing toward Circular Economy

The goal of circular economy is to protect our planet Earth from waste, exploitation of raw materials and climate change to ensure its habitability for present and future generations of humankind. Decoupling economic growth from resource use is one of the most critical and complex challenges today.

Circular Economy is an alternative strategy to the currently dominant economic take-use-dispose model that is exploiting finite natural resources, creating toxic waste mountains and garbage whirls in the oceans as well as polluting air, soil and water.

Instead the Circular Economy is a framework for a sustainable economy that is designed to be restorative and regenerative.

  • Products and resources are kept in the economic cycle as long as possible by creating closed loops of material use.
  • Waste will be more and more designed out of the system and reduced.
  • Circular Economy products are developed, distributed and reprocessed by using re-generative resources and renewable energy.
  • Circular Economy products are durable and easy to repair, easy to reuse, easy to share, easy to refurbish and easy to recycle.
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EU Interreg Greencycle invites institutions, stakeholders, businesses in the Alpine Space to sign the Manifesto for transition from a linear to a circular economy, filling and sending the following form

Published: Wednesday 30 January 2019 - Last modify: Friday 03 January 2020
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