In this area you can find data regarding different topics of public importance about Circular Economy strategy implementation and in general all the data that the Greencycle Marketplace collected and publish and make available to the public.

Open Data means  datasets of various kinds that can be expressed and stored in digital formats.

The data are made available, as FILE or through public API, in open formats and with an open license.

OpenData Console

The Marketplace is offering a REST/JSON API (Application Programming Interface) to access the data published on the web platform with an opendata license. The entry point is the opendata console , where it is possible also make execute simple query over the many of the data published inside the marketplace.

The API model and the istruction on how using it through code are available here .

Datasets by API

Datasets by FILE

Data License

The data are freely re-usable also even for commercial purpose through a CC0 (Creative Commons Zero ) license.

Published: Thursday 08 August 2019 - Last modify: Wednesday 15 January 2020
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