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Transnational Network

The GREENCYCLE project is estabilishing Transnational circular economy network will be established through appointment of 5 city’s circular economy managers (Maribor, Vorau, Trento, Pays Viennois, Freiburg). Appointed personnel will be pooled from existing municipal experts working in the field of environment/waste/energy/ transport and will get additional assignments in order to establish transnational circular economy network. 

This area is composed by 4 different sections:

1) Monitoring and measuring circularity section: where to find data about the actual state in adoption of Circular Economy, and other useful data, in order to have a more clear and systematic monitoring of the application of the 12 key principles listed in the Greencycle Manifesto and of the city's strategies about Circular Economy. 

2) Circular Economy Managers section: where to find details about the actual CE managers appointed, job role and guidelines

3) Greencycle Learning Hub section: where to find training materials, presentation, tools, other marketplaces and surveys related to the collection of useful data and information 

4) Transnational Network of Cities section: where to find details about the cities and the regions involved in the network, the strategies adopted and link to relevant information about this

The general concept is to collect and share in one place the most of information available freely and open in the web or by someone that want to let know that are available. So everything is open and freely available to the community.  

In order to manage that information and that data there are some limitation in access.  In facts the platform is providing a secured area where enabled businesses/citizens could LOG-IN in order publish information about their own resources/secondary materials or publish request about searched resources/secodary materials.

The same is valid for the CE Managers, in order to overview and govern the items published in the marketplace related to their own city/region

To have access it is necessary to register to the platform to get the required credentials to access to the platform.  

More specific righte (like CE Managers) need to be asked by email to the GREENCYCLE Marketplace management team that will evaluate your request.

CE Managers

  • The Greencycle Transnational Circular Economy Network has been established through appointment of 5 city's circular economy managers. Here you can find details about the actual appointed staff, about the draft CE manager job description and some guidelines to be considered in order improve impacts.

Transnational network of cities

  • Here you can find details about the cities and the regions involved in the network, the strategies adopted and link to relevant information about this

Data and Monitoring

  • How to measure circularity?

    In January 2018, the European Commission adopted a monitoring framework for the circular economy, which aims at assessing progress towards circular economy in the EU and its Member States. Further national and private sector initiatives exist which attempt to capture circularity for a given economic context. Circular economy metrics can be categorised into two types: macro level national tools, and activity based or product based tools for businesses

    Measure and monitoring Circular Economy progress in your region

Greencycle Learning Hub

  • The marketplace is a platform to share data and information about local resources, materials, skills, stakeholders and user stories available in coordinated process with the city, powering the local network between the city PA, businesses and also citizens.

    Explore our learning hub to learn more about the vision for a circular economy

Published: Tuesday 18 December 2018 - Last modify: Tuesday 07 January 2020
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