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CE Managers

The Greencycle Transnational Circular Economy Network has been established through appointment of 5 city's circular economy managers. Here you can find details about the actual appointed staff, about the draft CE manager job description and some guidelines to be considered in order improve impacts.

A key person to follow the actuation of your city Circular Economy Strategy

The city CE Manager will be a role inside the PA that will remain after the GREENCYCLE project end. He/She is the Circular Economy Focal Point in the city administration, connecting also with the local network with businesses, stakeholders and associations.

​He/She is a key person to follow the actuation of your City Circular Economy Strategy and that could help the development (design and testing) of the GREENCYCLE transnational marketplace that it is aiming at collect/manage data and resource available from every city involved and from every platform subscriber.

Moreover, inside the project, the activities made by CE managers in the GREENCYCLE project are also the following:

  • Revising process and features, the service design of the transnational platform​
  • Supplying, publish and moderating data (offers, request, others) and resources in the platform
  • Supporting the startupping the local-to-the-city network inside the Greencycle Transnational Network 

A transnational network on Circular Economy

The CE manager Transnational network has been established in 2018, and it is periodically meeting during the Greencycle Project Meeting and with remote conference calls. More details about the cities involved and about the activities made and planned by the network are available in the Transnational Network of Cities section

Development of a CE Manager Job Description

The appointed personnel has been pooled from existing municipal experts working in the field of environment/waste/energy/transport and will get additional assignments in order to establish a transnational circular economy network.

As agreed in the last meeting, the CE network is co-developing a more precise CE Manager Job Description in order to facilitate other cities to introduce the same professional figure inside their organization structure. 

A set of guidelines for action

Recently has proposed to the community a set of 5 guidelines be adopted by each CE Manager, here is a brief list from the original article that is available here , five milestones must be of inspiration for public organizations (and also private) to follow the Greencycle path:

  • #Guideline 1: Spread within your organization, through workshop and educational activities, that Circular Economy is more than just recycling and reusing. It includes Sharing Platform, Product as a Service, Life Extension and Sustainable input.
  • #Guideline 2: Reviewing all processes and activities of your company using the Circular Thinking or “Pensamiento Circular”
  • #Guideline 3: Making a Circular Economy “X-Ray” of your company portfolio and activities to understand which role is covered within the Ecosystem
  • #Guideline 4: Assessing the Circular Economy Level of your company and to identify improvement goals
  • #Guideline 5: Connecting Circular Economy to Innovation
Published: Wednesday 19 June 2019 - Last modify: Tuesday 03 March 2020
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