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Data and Monitoring

How to measure circularity?

In January 2018, the European Commission adopted a monitoring framework for the circular economy, which aims at assessing progress towards circular economy in the EU and its Member States. Further national and private sector initiatives exist which attempt to capture circularity for a given economic context. Circular economy metrics can be categorised into two types: macro level national tools, and activity based or product based tools for businesses

Measure and monitoring Circular Economy progress in your region

The CE manager with the support of the local CE network are collecting several datasets releated to the measurement of the Circular Economy in the city.

This section of the marketplace is used to track KPIs, metrics, and other key data points relevant to a business, department, or specific process developed and monitored by the cities involved in the project.

Through the use of data visualizations, analytics and dashboards it is possible to provide a more easy view over complex data, in order to provide to city decision makers a glance awareness of current CE performance of the city.

The marketplace is enabling to publish request/offers of materials as well as offers of skills and user stories that are leading examples to others and many other data.

Here after there are a first set of analytics built on top of the data collected by each CE managers that are showing the city trend in the CE implementation 

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Published: Wednesday 23 January 2019 - Last modify: Monday 24 February 2020
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