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What you will find in the Greencycle Resources Marketplace (BETA)

The resources available have been initially collected from public available data and by the local circular economy network established by the CE Managers of the cities involved in the project. To  join the platform click here

The resources available through the marketplace are about:

Rare Materials information:

The Rare Materials are fundamental resources to recycle/recover for a sustainable development in Europe. Mainly they are recyclable from WEEE. The Greencycle Marketplace is publishing a mapping table that is useful to discover the sources.

Secondary Raw Materials offers/request:

Secondary Raw Materials Offers and Requests (in stock, produced by production processes, available for other reasons and also renewed products and by-products)

Resources to enabling Circular Economy:

  • Circular Economy Skills and Services of potential interest to build new circular economies in the local eco-systems
  • Circular Economy Actors (Repair Shops, Services, other organizations)
  • Circular Economy Points of Interest (Greenpoints, Landfills, specific disposal places, other locations)

Selected local use cases and events related to Circular Economy:

  • Circular Economy related public events (past/future)
  • Greencycle project local events made by the pilots
  • Circular Economy stories and specific use cases

Transnational Circular Economy network:

CE manager is enabling a basic management and networking level about the available CE resources and actors in the local territories, in particular for the search of Rare Materials sources (e.g WEEE) 

  • Circular Economy Managers that are registered to the platform
  • Circular Economy Local Stakeholders

Urban data about Circular Economy implementation monitoring:

The CE Managers are collecting and making available through the marketplace platform some relevant data to monitoring the implementation of the CE in each city:

  • "Waste collection and recycling": yearly data about total and recycled waste collection and official recycling percentage, from 2013 to 2018. we'll collect 2019 data next year
  • "Waste collection details ": details about waste recycled from 2014 to 2018.
  • "Disposal in Landfill ": details about residual waste disposed in landfill from 2014 to 2018

More data will be available soon: Traffic Flows, Air Quality, Building/Demolition wastes Recycle, Renewable Energy resources.

Published: Wednesday 23 January 2019 - Last modify: Thursday 16 January 2020
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