Many persons supported this project to build the Greencycle Marketplace platform.

The platform has been developed through the project INTERREG ALPINE SPACE GREENCYCLE

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Digital Platform, development and community support

The technology on which the portal is based is an open source (license GPL-2.0) and web-based CMS platform build on top of EzPublish 5 is/will published here on github .

Anyone could open an issue about the platform or suggest improvements for future releases. The platform will go beyond the GREENCYCLE project with the available community support.

Artwork used

The artwork used in the Greencycle Manifesto and in the Greencycle Marketplace are by Angelica Dallapè and are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License .

Veröffentlicht: Donnerstag, 08. August 2019 - Berichtigung: Montag, 02. September 2019
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